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SecuriBath, No. 1 in Spain for non-slip shower trays

All our shower trays are Super-Flat, Ultra Slim, Non-Slip and adjustable, making them easy to install on floor level or on a surface. They are produced with integrated technology and include truly innovative materials such as carbon fibre or Kevlar to create a wide range of product development opportunities.

Our desire to be at the forefront is what makes us Leaders!

Our range of shower trays is the result of a blend on innovation, technological development and quality.

Furthermore, social responsability and our costumers' safety are taken very seriously. Both of these factors are ever-present in our daily activities and are also the stepping stone towards building a sustainable future.

Our shower trays are available in different dimensions, materials and colours, making them easy to install in any bathroom. The easy-to-install feature allows us to offer one-of-a-kind products and desings while offering safety, comfort and a long-lasting product.

Our brand Securibath® speaks for itself.

Securibath® Shower Trays are subject to strict quality controls and we are proud to state that all of our products meet or exceed European EN 14527* Regulations and DIN 51097* Standards, i.e. it is both Consumer-Safe and Environmentally Friendly.

SecuriBath® meets all health and hygiene standards.

Sanitized® laboratories in Switzerland has duly certified our advanced anti-bacterial, anti-fungus and anti-odor technologies as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) pertaining to Shower Trays.

SecuriBath® applies in the manufacture of their shower trays. SecuriBath is the sole shower tray manufacturer in the world that applies the aforementioned GMP’s.

Here are some photos of our shower trays: