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SecuriBath invests in research and innovation in order to offer the very best, safest shower trays on the market. The PGS System - SecuriBath Non-Slip - is the result of this research. It is designed to increase bath safety and accessibility.

What is the PGS non-slip system?

PGS is short for Power Grip System The PGS System is integrated into SecuriBath shower trays and comprises a series of micro-bumps on the surface of the tray which greatly improve the grip of the surface.

Thus, the shower tray has a greater degree of adherence, making it difficult for a bare wet foot to slip. The PGS System is fully integrated into the shower tray and leaves no residue or layers after being applied.

The PGS System comes as standard with all SecuriBath Extreme and Technosand shower trays.

Proven efficiency. Certified quality.

Gracias a la innovación tecnológica aplicada a la fabricación de nuestros platos de ducha, éstos cuentan con el certificado de calidad de la  TÜV Rheinland de Alemania. Este certificado acredita que los platos de ducha de SecuriBath cumplen con las normas europeas EN 14527 para platos de ducha y DIN 51097, otorgado a los platos de ducha antideslizantes considerados seguros para el usuario.

Our shower trays ensure a much greater non-slip factor than the standards required in international regulations in matters of accident prevention and the removal or architectural barriers.

Degrees of non-slip: the shower tray safety measure.

How safe are our shower trays? In order to qualify how adherent SecuriBath shower trays are, we adopted the system which determines the Technical Building Code. This catalogues floors into classes depending on slip resistance (CTE DB-SUA Art. 1).

We classify our shower trays in three distinct levels depending on the degree of adherence:

  • Low Adherence Level (Levels 1, 2, 3): given to shower trays whose surface has a light texture which reduces slipping. The ceramic and acrylic, and mineral or resin-filled SecuriBath shower trays have this Basic Adherence Level.
  • Medium Adherence Level   (Levels 4, 5): given to shower trays whose standing areas comprise a non-slip base with different textures, providing special surface adherence. SecuriBath Activity and Champion shower trays and Contour construction tray have this Medium Adherence Level.
  • Very High Adherence Level (Levels 6, 7, 8): a shower tray with this qualification is clearly non-slip and its standing area has a high adherence coefficient, guaranteeing much greater grip. SecuriBath StoneBath, Compact, NeoBath and TechBath shower trays SecuriBath have this Very High Adherence Level.

SecuriBath: committed to safety.

As shower tray manufacturers and service providers (e.g. changing baths for shower trays), at SecuriBath we are aware of our responsibility towards safety and prevention in the bathroom environment.

The PGS non-slip system is evidence of this commitment, as are our efforts in the area of accessibility and the spreading of social awareness of preventive measures.