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SecuriBath, No. 1 in Spain for non-slip shower trays.

All our shower trays are Super-Flat, Ultra Slim, Non-Slip and adjustable, making them easy to install on floor level or on a surface. They are produced with integrated technology and include truly innovative materials such as carbon fibre or Kevlar to create a wide range of product development opportunities.

Our range of shower trays is the result of a blend of innovation, technological development and quality. Protecting the environment and working on social projects in matters of bathroom accessibility are factors that are ever-present in our daily activities and act as the stepping stone towards building a sustainable future.

Our trays are available in different sizes, materials and colours. Thanks to our exclusive technology, they adapt perfectly to any bathroom. This enables us to offer one-of-a-kind products and cutting-edge designs while offering the very best in safety and comfort in a long-lasting product.

SecuriBath® Quality SecuriBath® Technology
SecuriBath® Comfort SecuriBath® Design
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We have a massive range of combinable colours and can adapt to all your needs:  SecuriBath Solutions S.L.